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    The common chimpanzee can be found in West and
    Central Equatorial Africa.  Some of the countries the
    chimpanzee is located in include Sierra Leone, Angola,
    Tanzania and Congo.  


    Like humans, the chimpanzee is omnivorous, meaning
    their diet consists of plants and animals.  Some of the
    foods a chimpanzee will eat include seeds, fruits, leaves,
    bark, insects such as termites, and small prey.  
    Chimpanzees will often use a twig as a tool to help them
    reach termites or ants in nests and have been seen using
    sticks to hunt other small mammals.


    The chimpanzee inhabits tropical rainforest areas, low
    altitude forests, mountain forests and savanna forests in
    West and Central Equatorial Africa.  The chimpanzee will
    spend time both in trees and on the ground, but will
    usually sleep in a tree where it will build a nest for the


    Depending on whether the chimpanzee is in captivity or
    in the wild, it may weigh anywhere between 90 and 200
    pounds.  Males typically weigh more than females.  The
    height of a chimpanzee will usually be between 2.5 - 3


    Chimpanzees' gestation or pregnancy periods will last
    between 7.5 - 8 months.  A  chimpanzee will usually give
    birth to one infant but occasionally will give birth to twins.

Additional Notes

    Chimpanzees are intelligent animals and have a complex
    behavior and communication system.

    Ham was a chimpanzee that was the first hominid to be
    launched into outer space.

    Project X is a 1987 science fiction movie about
    chimpanzees that are tested by the military.

    Chimpanzees are endangered due to habitat loss as well
    as being hunted for meat.
Common Chimpanzee
(Pan troglodytes)
Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:   Chordata
Class:   Mammalia
Order:   Primates
Family:   Hominidae
Genus:   Pan
Species:    troglodytes
© Photographer: Vladimir Mucibabic
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