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    The Reticulated Python is located in Southeast Asia in
    countries including but not limited to Vietnam, Malaysia,
    Indonesia and the Philippines.


    The Reticulated Python's diet consist of birds, mammals
    of different sizes including deer and pigs and on very rare
    occasions possibly humans.  Pythons will typically wait
    in hiding for prey to move close by before striking.  The
    Reticulated Python is not venomous; like other members
    of the Boa family it will use its large muscular body to
    constrict and suffocate its prey.  


    The Reticulated Python can usually be found near water,
    including ponds and rivers, in warm and humid tropical
    rainforests of southeast Asia.  They may also have a
    tendency to live near human activity.     


    The average length of an adult Reticulated Python can
    range from 15 - 25 feet making it the longest snake and
    reptile in the world.  It is possible for Reticulated Pythons
    to grow over 30 feet in length.  The adult weight can be
    over 300 pounds.


    Unlike other members of the Boa Family who bear live
    young, Pythons will lay eggs.  The female Reticulated
    Python can have between 25 - 100 eggs at a time.  The
    mother will coil around the eggs and create muscular
    vibrations to raise the temperature of the eggs several
Reticulated Python
(Python reticulatus)
Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:   Chordata
Class:   Reptilia
Order:   Squamata
Family:   Boidae
Genus:   Python
Species:    reticulatus
IUCN Status: Not Listed
© Photographer: Robert Adrian
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