Bengal Tiger
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Bengal tigers can be found in southeast Asia in parts of India, China, Bangladesh and Indonesia as well as other southeast Asian countries.


Bengals are large cats with a beautiful dark orange color and black stripes. They have white fur around their eyes and around their collars which extends to their underbellies. They also have large paws, a long curled tail, and are a little more slender in appearance than some of their tiger cousins.


They weigh approximately 400 - 600 lbs. and are approximately 5 - 10 ft. in length. The largest of the tiger species is the Siberian, which can reach up to 700 lbs (11,200 oz), but the Bengal is still one of the largest big cats in the world.


Bengal tigers live in tropical rainforests, forests and mangroves in Southern and Southeastern Asia.


Their diets consist of antelopes, boars, monkeys, pigs, birds and occasionally elephants. On extremely rare occasions they have been known to attack humans.

Their stripes aid it in being able to stalk and get close to prey. The dense mangroves are perfect surroundings for them to utilize their combination of stealth and camoflauge.

Natural Predators

They have no natural predators in the wild except for humans that hunt them. Their largest threats are from poaching and deforestation.


The female Bengal Tiger's gestation period is approximately 3 - 4 months. At the end of the gestation period, she will give birth to a litter of 2 to 4 cubs.